Had a blast unveiling my "secret weapon" to help me combat the #WyattFamily at #WWECalgary tonight! Yeah that's right, THE HITMAN!! #bestthereis #savedtheday #thoughtiwasagoner ~ IAmJericho

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Benoit (who was still out with his neck injury) and Eddy Guerrero (who had been fired by the WWE for his latest relapse) called and told me how happy and proud of me they were. Chris went on and on about how I had won the title not only for myself but for all the wrestlers who had been told they were too small to make it. Rey Mysterio, whom I hadn’t talked to since I left WCW, called to congratulate me. Even Dave Penzer, the ring announcer from WCW (whom I had my first big heel moment with when I ripped the tuxedo off his back on Nitro), called and said, “You did it, and nobody said you could.”

It was nice to hear the groundswell of support from my friends, and even better to know I was Undisputed Champion of the World, bitch!


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